- LMW Golden Rule #1 -

"Understand the Psychology on Why Some Married Women Are So Lonely"


In order to make a move on a lonely married woman you must first
understand where her loneliness comes from. There are several
reasons and many factors at play for causing loneliness. However,
at the end of the day, we can break it down into a few categories.

1) Emotional Loneliness

- This can be a married woman's worst nightmare. Her husband is
either not providing any emotional support or isn't around enough.
This means that she isn't getting the attention, affection or love
she needs. Eventually, there is going to come a time when she can't
go on with her loneliness and looks elsewhere to satisfy her
craving for attention. She certainly isn't getting it at home and
her husband has not responded to her requests. It is very common
for lonely women to fall for men who

2) Social Loneliness

- In many instances, after a woman gets married her social life
disappears. It may be due to a lack of time to spend with friends,
maybe her husband is too controlling and doesn't let her have a
social life, she may work too much or the only friends she has are
those of her husband. Either way, there is a huge void missing for
women that suffer from social loneliness. A man that can fill this
void will find the rewards are bountiful.

3) Intimacy Loneliness

- It's no surprise that sex in a marriage can become routine or
disappear all together. Reasons may be that the excitement and lust
is gone, the husband is away too much, constant fighting, and the
list goes on. Whatever the reason, if a women with sexual needs
isn't having those needs met by her husband. She will have to find
it somewhere else.


Any man finding a lonely married woman in any of the above
situations can easily seduce her by providing what she isn't
getting from her husband. In many cases the little things like a
good conversation and a little bit of romance is more than enough
to make a lonely married woman want to have an affair with you. She
just wants to be wanted.



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